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The College of Lake County (CLC) is a vibrant community college with a focus in advancing student learning and success, promoting diversity, global engagement and sustainability and ensuring a culture of innovation, excellence and continuous improvement. The College is a leader in such areas as international education, award-winning sustainability projects and the creation of strong pathways to bachelor degrees through university partnerships. In addition, the College provides an opportunity for near debt free education with their Promise Program. Overall, the College stands out in the community as a leader in placing students with local employers - in fact, eight out of 10 local employers have hired graduates of CLC in the last ten years.

College Overview

The College of Lake County is a public, comprehensive community college serving northeastern Illinois. CLC is located in Lake County that includes a rich diversity and a number of flourishing communities in the northern suburbs of Chicago. , Lake County, Illinois has a great deal of recreational land in addition to providing a home to many successful start-up businesses and Fortune 500 global headquarters. Additional information may be seen at www.lakecountypartners.com.

CLC first opened for classes on September 25, 1969, welcoming 2,360 students. In the years since, the College has grown to include two additional campus locations as well as several extension sites and has served more than 400,000 students. The unduplicated student enrollment at CLC during fiscal year 2016 totaled 25,059. CLC's institutional goals are to advance student learning, success, and completion; maximize educational opportunity and equity in student outcomes; promote excellence in the areas of diversity, global engagement, sustainability, and wellness as strengths within the College and Lake County community; and, enable a culture of innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement. CLC’s values include learning, integrity, quality, service, accountability, and diversity.

CLC's main campus is centrally located in Lake County in the Village of Grayslake. The Grayslake Campus is the College's original campus, and is also the largest of the three campuses. In addition to Grayslake, CLC has two additional branch campuses: the Lakeshore Campus opened in 1976 in the urban city of Waukegan and the Southlake Campus opened in 2007 in the suburban community of Vernon Hills CLC has a growing online presence with 12% of the enrollment exclusively taking courses online.

The College offers a full range of student services to support learning at each of the campuses. Admission and registration, tutoring, advising, career planning and placement services, basic skills testing, financial aid, a library, payment services, career and personal counseling and student judicial services are all made available. Each campus has a dedicated police presence and bookstore Campus coordinators also ensure that information technology and facilities are readily available and maintained for student and faculty use at each campus.

CLC offers 61 associate degree programs and 119 credit-bearing certificates across its three campuses. CLC designs its academic offerings at each location to meet the needs of transfer, career, adult and vocational education, and continuing education students. In addition, CLC offers GED test preparation, adult literacy, and English as a second language programs as well as a variety of non-credit course options for personal enrichment and professional development.

Additional information about each campus is accessible on the individual campus webpages on the CLC website.

Grayslake: www.clcillinois.edu/aboutclc/locations/grayslake
Southlake: www.clcillinois.edu/aboutclc/locations/southlake
Lakeshore: www.clcillinois.edu/aboutclc/locations/lakeshore

With 1,602 full- and part-time employees, CLC is one of the larger employers in Lake County. CLC's 217 full-time and 828 adjunct faculty members provide instruction both on-campus and online. Sixty-one full-time administrators and approximately 559 other full- and part-time staff members ensure that the College is operating effectively in providing support and services for students and the community. The College also employs an additional 200 student workers in any given semester throughout the year.

CLC enjoys an AAA bond rating and the College's fiscal year 2017 operating budget is about $102.5 million. Approximately 29 percent of the College's revenues come from student tuition and fees and about 63 percent come from local property taxes. State finances represent approximately 7 percent of the College's operating budget. The remaining comes from interest earnings and other sources. The College was recently accredited for ten years by the Higher Learning Commission.


The College of Lake County is governed by a seven-member board of trustees, elected from among the citizens of Community College District 532. In addition, a CLC student is appointed each spring for a one-year term, casting advisory votes. Dr. Rich Haney was named interim president in May, 2017 after serving as the College’s provost since 2013. Dr. Haney is retiring after this interim assignment and is not a candidate for the President position. Details about the Board of Trustees may be found at www.clcillinois.edu/aboutclc/board-of-trustees.

Each campus manages its own services, staffing, and budgeting using college-wide policies and processes with the intention of providing students the same standard of service regardless of location. Campus deans are responsible for ensuring that each site is fulfilling college-wide processes and services. To assure college-wide alignment of services as well as inclusive decision-making, the Provost convenes weekly meetings of the Provost's Council, which includes all academic deans, student support service deans and the Southlake and Lakeshore Campus deans. Reporting to the Provost, the campus deans are responsible for ensuring that each campus has the programs and personnel in place to support academic and non-credit programs housed at that campus.

The College also has a system of shared governance to support informed decisions and promote progress of the College. Various councils, committees and senates make up this system including faculty senate, diversity council, enrollment management commission, and academics commission.

Educational Quality

All CLC campuses offer a full range of learning services and opportunities for general education courses. This includes computer and science labs, library services, testing and tutoring centers, and state-of-the art classrooms. Each campus also provides a widerange of academic choices allowing students to complete coursework leading toward many of CLC's degree and certificate programs as well as courses that will transfer to four-year institutions. At the same time, each campus offers CLC's developmental math and English courses so that students needing foundational coursework have access to these courses at each location.

At the core of CLC's continuous improvement process is routinized academic assessment. This includes specific institutional, program, and course-level outcomes that measure student learning. Institutional Assessment largely looks at student success indicators such as retention, graduation, transfer and job-placement in addition to assessing CLC Learning Outcomes (CLOs). CLC ensures the quality of educational offerings is consistent at each location by requiring the processes for delivering courses and the assessment protocols to be the same at all locations.

To meet current and future learning needs, the College is in the process of implementing a $148 million Facility Sustainable Campus Master Plan, which includes infrastructural improvements at each of its branch campuses. At the Southlake Campus, a $2.1 million, 2,500-square-foot addition, including a state of the art chemistry lab, opened for fall 2016 classes. At the Lakeshore Campus, approximately $35 million in renovations are in the planning stages. These improvements would provide four new classrooms and renovated and expanded space for student services such as registration, enrollment, advising and financial aid. The renovations would also improve facilities for CLC Police, library services, adult education, and childcare. Under this plan, the College also will upgrade existing Lakeshore buildings with new finishes and infrastructure. Additional space for student interaction, including the availability of dining services, is under consideration as well. The ultimate scope and scale of the Lakeshore renovation project are dependent on the availability of state funding.

Recent Recognition

  • AACC 2015 – finalist for the National Advancing Diversity Award
  • ICCTA 2016 – recipient of the Equity and Diversity Award, State of Illinois
  • ACCT2016 – recipient of the National Charles Kennedy Equity Award
  • AACC2016 – recipient of the National Green Genome Award
  • AASHE2017 – recognized as a STARS Silver Institution
  • Illinois Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council 2017 - Emerald Award for Building Innovation

Strategic Goals

Advance student learning, success and completion. The college will help students identify and work toward their educational goals and prepare them to participate in the workforce.

Maximize educational opportunity and equity in student outcomes. The college will enhance, develop and promote educational opportunities and work to increase enrollment and external partnerships.

Promote excellence in the areas of Diversity, Global Engagement, Sustainability, and Wellness as strengths within the college and Lake County community. The college will strive to build an inclusive community that recognizes,values and respects people of all cultures and ways of life while cultivating social justice, global citizens hip and environmental responsibility.

Enable a culture of innovation, excellence and continuous improvement. The college will promote employee engagement to create and sustain a culture of high performance, intellectual growth, collaboration and innovation that supports continuous improvement of academic programs and college processes.

Opportunity Overview

The Board is seeking a President who can lead College of Lake County forward in increasing sustainable growth in student enrollment, the continuation of further developing strong programming, while continuing to develop new initiatives to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. These accomplishments will be done with excellent communication practices and impeccable integrity.

Leadership and Communication
A leader with the ability to inspire and engage internal and external stakeholders to further the mission of College of Lake County is critical to the success of the College as well as the morale of the internal and external constituency groups.

In addition, the next President must be visible, accessible, caring and fair-minded with exceptional verbal and written communication skills. A good listener who values and respects the unique characteristics and abilities of all individuals is important to students, staff, faculty, and the community.

The next President will possess the ability to represent the College well in all settings, with a sense of humor, and a passion for the mission of CLC. This leader must value and further develop the culture and traditions of the College and build upon its outstanding reputation to best serve student and community needs. Other important factors in the culture of CLC relate to promotion of excellence in areas of diversity, global engagement, sustainability and wellness, as well as the advancement of student success.

The next President must have the ability to lead and develop teams while mentoring and empowering individuals, and this leader will strive to achieve the highest standards of performance in teaching and learning.

Student Success
Student success is at the core of the College of Lake County. The next President will be an innovative and creative leader committed to academic excellence and student success. The leader will possess the ability to inspire and motivate faculty and staff to provide high quality and accessible programs and services to an ever increasing diverse student population.

CLC is home to many successful student extracurricular clubs and activities. In addition to being supportive of these programs, the College is seeking a President who is approachable to students and is visible in the hallways.

External Partnerships
The College of Lake County President will be a visionary who is globally focused and culturally attuned. The successful President will be an articulate spokesperson who engages business, civic, industry, and community leadership to develop mutually beneficial relationships, partnerships, and programs.

In addition, the ability to strengthen relationships in the local K-12 systems is a focus for the next President. The President of College of Lake County will have the communication skills and background to further inspire confidence in CLC in the public schools in the region and throughout the State.

Diversity assists in creating an inclusive and innovative workforce that has the skills to exceed in meeting the challenges of the marketplace. The College of Lake County is committed to and passionate about providing programs and services that support and contribute to an inclusive and diverse society. Lake County continues to become increasingly more diverse, and the next President will be an individual committed to achieving the goals of diversity and inclusiveness for under served populations within the College as well as developing a strong sense of community.

The College of Lake County is operating with a balanced budget. The College has healthy reserves and a flourishing foundation and Foundation Board. While the State of Illinois is financially suffering, only seven percent of the College’s funds are from the State and the College has continued to thrive by using financial prowess, creativity and focus on goals. Continued success in lobbying and fundraising are needed, as well as support for additional grant opportunities.

Required Qualifications:
A Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education; Administrative experience.

Preferred Characteristics:
Progressively higher levels of administrative experience;
Proven communicator, who fosters constructive dialogue on issues, welcomes constructive feedback and encourages a climate of collaboration within a shared governance system.

Application Process

Printable Position Profile

Please direct inquiries and nominations to the College's search consultant: Angela Provart, President Pauly Group, Inc., 3901 Wood Duck Drive, Suite E Springfield, IL 62711, Phone: 217-241-5400, E-mail: aprovart@paulygroup.com. Please submit electronically to aprovart@paulygroup.com the following documents as MS Word or Adobe Acrobat attachments: (1) a cover letter (5 pages or less) that addresses the Opportunity Overview; (2) a current resumé; and (3) names and contact information of five professional references.

The committee will begin reviewing applications immediately. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, with materials submitted by Monday, October 2, 2017 receiving priority consideration. All applications are confidential and references will not be contacted without the expressed authorization of the applicant. There is an interim currently serving as President until the search process is complete. This interim is an internal appointment and will retire with the beginning of the permanent President’s tenure.

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